Machine Services

Envelope Machine Remanufacturers, Inc. specializes in envelope machine rebuilding and servicing for F.L. Smithe Equipment. Our decades of experience with these machines is unparalleled, giving us the ability to perform complete repair, maintenance and refurbishing services. We’re trusted by companies across Pennsylvania and throughout the regions.

Complete Remanufacturing

Whether your envelope manufacturing equipment has been in service for decades or has suffered multiple component failures, we’re able to remanufacture it regardless of the scope of work. We’ve completed numerous tear-down projects, including 100% remanufacturing projects involving all parts analyzed, replaced and repaired.

During remanufacturing, we replace all critical wear parts—including bearings, bushings, seals, chains, belts, rolls and more—with OEM like-kind parts to restore critical function. Frames are stripped, painted and analyzed, and any discrepancies are addressed and repaired. Your machine is restored to its former glory and function by seasoned experts.


Complete Mechanical and Electrical Servicing

Experiencing electrical troubles with your envelope manufacturing equipment? Most F.L. Smithe Equipment with original electrical systems haven’t been updated in two decades. We can service the PLC, motor and drive, heater controller and additional electrical components to ensure they work correctly.

We also perform upgrades and servicing for all mechanical components, including converting to digital controls via HMIs. Our focus is on F.L. Smithe Equipment, however we can perform mechanical work on other manufacturers. Please call to inquire about other manufacturers.

Parts and General Services

Have a specific problem with your envelope manufacturing equipment? Chances are, we can troubleshoot and repair it. Not only do we have a wide breadth of knowledge and hands-on experience, we also have access to essential parts. We’re an Authorized Service Dealer of Centroid CNC Controls and can source and service a broad array of components. Some of the additional parts and service offers we provide include:

  • Tear down and moving of equipment
  • On-site retrofits of upgrade kits (enhance machine capabilities)
  • Envelope machine parts
  • PIV rebuilding
  • Control panel design, building and testing
  • PLC programming
  • Machining and AutoCAD

Keep Your Equipment Running

Envelope Machine Remanufacturers, Inc. brings Pennsylvania customers expertise they can trust when it comes to envelope machine rebuilding and servicing. Contact us today at 814-886-4362 for more information about our services and capabilities.