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Envelope Machine Manufacturing in Pennsylvania

Envelope Machine Remanufacturers, Inc. is a remanufacturing machine shop located in Cresson, PA. We bring superior mechanical and electrical services to the envelope industry, including upgrades for extended functionality and reduced maintenance costs on old but still-functional F.L. Smithe equipment. Turn to us for complete remanufacturing, tear-downs and equipment moving, and on-site retrofits. We can also work on PIV rebuilding, control panels and PLC programming. Give us a call to learn more today!

Experienced Envelope Machine Manufacturing in Pennsylvania

These days, most F.L. Smithe equipment is 20+ years in operation. Many of these trusted machines experience problems—everything from electrical fault to mechanical failure. They need repairs and many times, complete remanufacturing.

Envelope Machine Remanufacturers, Inc. offers envelope machine manufacturing services exclusive to F.L. Smithe machines, including RA, MO and PRP presses. At our shop in Pennsylvania, we strip down, refurbish, rewire and completely restore these machines to their former glory, and can even upgrade them so they’re ready for another 20+ years of service. From component replacements and rewiring to upgrades for HMIs and other innovations, we ensure your equipment is ready for production runs of any size, no matter your operational demands.

Our experience with these machines covers every level of service—whether it requires a 100% teardown or minor component replacements. We can also source envelope machine parts and perform modernizations where required. For customers wishing to digitize older assemblies and controls, we’re an Authorized Service Dealer of Centroid CNC Controls. We make it easy to operate your equipment and ensure it’s reliable from electrical, mechanical and operational standpoints.

The beauty of F.L. Smithe equipment is the many possibilities for upgrades and renewed service life. Whether you want to add extrusion gumming, a high-speed separator, servo upgrade or an air ejector upgrade, we can customize the results to meet your expectations. It all culminates in a modernized press at a fraction of the price of a new one, and the reliability that comes with the F.L. Smithe name. Contact us today to discuss envelope machine manufacturing and what we can do for your equipment!

  • We’re customer-focused and detailed-oriented, to ensure the results you expect.

  • Our services span remanufacturing, tear-downs and moving, and on-site retrofits.

  • We’ve been in the industry since 1987, with hands-on experience going back decades.

  • We service F.L. Smithe Equipment only and are intimately familiar with this OEM.

  • We’re an Authorized Service Dealer of Centroid CNC Controls.

Complete Service for F.L. Smithe Equipment

From tear-downs and complete refurbishing to on-site retrofits of upgrade kits, our talented experts deliver comprehensive service for F.L. Smithe Equipment. Call today for more info.

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We provide envelope machine parts and envelope machine rebuilding for all of the United States, including those near to our home base:
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  • Johnstown, PA
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